Lift Line

Lift Line

Blue Mountain’s official blog where stories are told, laughs are shared and behind-the-scenes secrets are revealed. It can all be found here in the Lift Line.

How to Play All Day

I decided if I was going to write about how great the Play all Day Package is – I must try it as I do not believe in false advertising.

Chutes & Lumbers

We put our expert panel of testers to work. Using the Frizzle method, they took chances, made mistakes and got messy all in the name of Guest Satisfaction

Blue Mountain Supply Co.

As you stroll through the village for your daily Starbucks visit, you may have noticed there is a new kid on the block called Blue Mountain Supply Co.

Little Kids. Big Adventures.

At Blue Mountain we take recreation seriously. That's why we have a panel of experts who make sure that everything we do is fun-approved.

Go Pro Ambassadors

Blue Mountain is a proud partner of GoPro. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that we get to hand select a team of impressive ambassadors who all #LiveItOutside [...]

Gratitude is the best Attitude.

With a week full of grey and rain, it is often hard to find perspective on the good as we are trapped inside dreaming of better days and sunshine. With [...]

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