Earth Day 2017

This Saturday is Earth Day! But remember, you can celebrate this glorious earth of ours every day! Find time in your day to spend at least a few minutes outside, appreciating the wonderful surroundings that we’re so lucky to have here at Blue and in this great area.

Children need to spend even more time outside, exploring and learning through inquiry. Children are the ones inheriting this magnificent place and they should have the experience of learning and being in the natural environment in order to help them appreciate and protect it when they’re older. Earth Day this year focuses on just that, being outside with nature through EarthPLAY. Let them build a rocket ship, a boat, or castle using tires, bricks, or anything they can find, allowing self-directed play within the natural environment.

So go ahead, pick up a worm, a snail, or any other little creepy crawly and let the kids know, while reminding yourself, just how amazing nature can be.

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