Hey Now! Hey Now! This is What Dreams are Made of.

It’s that time of year where it seems like every night is an excuse to get lit. We embrace this at Blue Mountain, especially when it comes to the Village.  We’re talking about the award winning Blumination Dream Trail. The 1 km trail has 11 light installations that are interactive and dance to songs, and change as you interact with them. It’s highly impressive and is an Instagram DREAM.

We started the night off with a BANG

I grabbed some friends and headed to the Village on opening weekend, Saturday Dec 1st to get the full experience and enjoy the firework display.  You begin your journey at Field of Dreams which looks like a mystical rainbow park. I like to call them crystal things – but Field of Dreams is way better and I am living proof that If you build it, they will come.

The next top is the Sweetheart’s Hideaway, otherwise known throughout the year as the Bandstand. Its very romantical inside with mood lighting that changes based on what they sense happening. Mushy mush photos are taken here, see below. It was home to several proposals last year so the addition of the giant mistletoe is great. Even this cold heart was lost in the holiday magic.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Next on the trail is Star street. The kiddos LOVE this one because twinkle lights are projected onto the ground and they are fun to chase. I heard kids say they were fairies, wishes, stars and sparkles. Totes adorbs right? As an adult, it was fun to see the magic from the kids.

From here you’re supposed to take a right and go down the Charming Bay Way, but instead I took a left and went to the patio of Magnones . On the restaurant’s patio, they have a walk in snow globe set up where you can treat yourself to a hot beverage. I opted for a very fun bonus and had them add Baileys to my hot chocolate as this is not my first rodeo.  

Adult Coffee in hand, we continued on to the Charming Bay Way where the is no shortage of Christmas lights. The pathway looks like something out of a fairy tale. You will want to walk all the way into the Village square – but you take a left at the flashing Blumination sign to continue on your journey.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

As you start the walk around the Mill pond, you’ll see the Frozen Garden. This is totally a garden I would love – you don’t have to water it and they always look good in photos. From here you then pass through the Enchanted Forest, where the trees put on a dancing show, and the perfect backdrop for your photos.

The next two elements are my absolute FAVOURITE! Their official names are Mind Warp and Milky Way, but as soon as I get to them I yell at whoever I am with that a.) “It’s a walk off” and b.) “Its time to lip sync for your LIFE”. Whether you channel your inner Zoolander or Drag Queen you’re sure to have a TIME.

For the Mind Warp section, I like to give it a good strut to really bring out my inner Hansel (he’s so hot right now). And by the time I get to Milky Way, all the years of watching RuPaul’s Drag Race have paid off and you better believe I WERK it, there is no way I would ever Sashay Away. Every time I get caught up in the moment I generally see joy around me, people are laughing (at me? With me? Who knows.) but the smiles come out. The entire point of Blumination is to transport you to some dream like world so have fun with it.

The next stop on the trail is the world famous BLUE sign, I just discovered today its proper name is Blue Panorama. This stays all year long so winter, spring summer or fall – you can let people know you visited Blue Mountain by taking your photo in front of the sign. Fun factoid – it changes colours with our different holidays we celebrate. Chinese New Year, Pride, Diwali etc. Special occasions mean an extra fun Blue Sign.

The Iglumia is most likely the most eye catching installation. It is the newest addition to the Dream Trail this year. It’s bright, interactive and can turn out some pretty bad ass boomerangs. I spent 5 minutes alone at this igloo. Its almost mesmerizing. I can say my friends and I were the most like kids in this one.

We stopped by in at the snow globe for another round of Hot Chocolate and Baileys and 10/10 would recommend again.

Light so bright is next on the path, it is right beside Northwinds Brewery. While I didn’t engage with it on this night, I usually try to draw pictures on it when there are no kids around to wreck my masterpieces. My last work of art took me about 4 minutes to create, it was I ❤️ Blue. I know what you’re thinking and it’s wow that’s some Leonardo DiVinci type work. Well children walked by right after and said “what do you think that’s supposed to be? A fart?” there is not enough aloe in the world to soothe that burn, so here is my official retirement from Light So Bright. It has been swell.

The final stop of the trail is the Dream Tree. This year it has double the lights for a bigger show, and has not one, not two but THREE songs that it plays every hour on the hour from 6-9 pm to ensure fun had by all. The first two are holiday themed followed up by Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” which really turns the dance party out.

All in all the experience of Blumination is what you make it. If you walk through with an attitude of “there are too many people here” or “these are just lights” then you’re going to not enjoy yourself. Take a moment and remember your childlike wonder and let the magic of the holidays take over. You will not be disappointed.

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