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If you’ve ever visited Blue Mountain in the fall, you’ve probably heard of the Apple Pie Trail. If you haven’t, well, then you should really make it a priority. For those out of the know, the Apple Pie Trail is a regional trail that unites businesses throughout Southern Georgian Bay that have one thing in common… you guessed it- apples! There are a total of 28 cafes, wineries, art galleries, restaurants and cideries/breweries on the trail. You can choose which places you’d like to visit or be ambitious and hit them all!  This year, I decided to celebrate the fall by embracing the Apple Pie Trail.

My first stop is at the lovely little Surf Café. It’s located on Highway 26 and you have to drive past it to reach all other apple pie stops. It’s a wonderful coffee shop, so it makes sense to make this your starting point.

Right from the moment you walk in, you’ll feel the vibe of a sleepy surf town. The bright coloured walls, the local photography and the hand made surfboard transport you from Ontario to somewhere tropical.  David Brandstetter is the brain behind the Surf Café. Being involved in the sports marketing world for over 30 years, the idea of opening up a surf café on turquoise waters and white sand beaches was appealing to him. When the space became available across from Georgian Bay, the stars aligned, and Surf Café found its home. But while the turquoise waters are present, the white sand of a tropical paradise was swapped for white snow for much of the year.  As Dave discovered, year-round surf culture is quite prevalent in the Blue Mountains area, home of the Georgian Bay surf club. Even during winter storms, you can find die-hard surfers clad in rubber head to toe, chasing the waves in the bay – covered in icicles.

One thing Dave knows first-hand is how to keep his business local. Everything in the surf café is from the surrounding 100-kilometer area, with the exception of the coffee beans. These are fair trade and sourced from Reunion Island Roasters.  While visiting with Dave and the Surf Café, I was able to try their signature Apple Caramel Latte and let me tell you – it did NOT disappoint. You could really taste the sweetness of the apple, and a nice hint of caramel without it being sickeningly sweet. The secret is that all the flavours go into the milk, not the espresso. You get a better flavor and it blends easier that way.

What’s next for Surf Café? Well, plans include becoming a primary gathering place for the local community, where you can come in grab a drink (alcoholic or non), a charcuterie board and soon to be personal pizzas. You’ll be able to take in some great sights and local music to relax and enjoy all that Surf Café has to offer.

With the Apple Pie trail in full effect, you’d be silly to pass by the Surf Café. Stop in for a great coffee, and fresh baked treats from the Thornbury Bakery, and enjoy the sleepy surf town vibe.

Join me on my next Apple Pie Trail stop when I visit Coffin Ridge Vineyards and Winery

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