Everyday is a Good Day On Hill for Kicha

Kicha doesn’t brag about carving turns or hitting jumps; her favourite part about being on-hill is being active outside as a family. With two working parents and two school-aged sons, it takes commitment to make time for a a night ski or sunny afternoon on the slopes. Kick will tell you it is well worth the effort to enjoy some of the best times with her family in the winter. Keeping up a ski routine can be challenging when everyone has competing schedules but when the Holden family does go out, you can bet they tour Blue from Orchard to North and always end up at Jozo’s to share drinks, food and laughs.

Tell me about a great day on-hill.

Skiing with my family and running into friends! And not falling 🙂

What’s your recipe for a great day at Blue?

Getting as many ski runs in from North to Orchard and back to Jozo’s for a hot or cold drink and a snack!

Tell me about your ski routine.

We have a few routines, depending on the weather… sometimes we start at Orchard to South or depending on time, we try to do North to Orchard. We always stop in at Jozo’s! We like skiing back to our cars at North or Graduate.

Finish this sentence: Everyday is a good day when…When there’s fresh snow for my husband and sunshine for me! The hill is perfectly groomed and the day is sunny.

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