Winter is for the Warriors

September is here and school is back in session. It’s only fitting to start off the season’s first blog post with a little quiz. Don’t worry! We’ve made this quiz easy for you.

Question 1:

True or false: Winter is your favourite time of year.

Question 2:

True or false: You own enough toques, mitts, goggles, base layers, and outerwear to necessitate an entire closet dedicated to your collection of winter clothes.

Question 3:

True or false: You’d consider calling in sick or skipping school to hit the slopes on the first day of the season.

Question 4:

True or false: When the weather report calls for a snowstorm, your first thought is “fresh-pow!”

Question 5:

True or false: You have season passes or lift tickets from years ago still hanging from your zippers and they’re not coming off…no matter what.

If you answered “true” to three or more questions, then we’d like to take a moment to honour you as an official Winter Warrior!

What’s a Winter Warrior, you ask? Winter Warriors embrace snow season with open arms. You won’t hear them complain about a little wind chill, snowstorms or polar vortexes. They make friendly wagers over the first major snowfall and countdown until the chairs start turning. Their skis and snowboards are at the door, ready to hit the slopes within a moment’s notice. When everyone else spends their winter holed up indoors, binge-watching Netflix, Winter Warriors know that hibernation is a practice best left to the wildlife.

Being a Winter Warrior positions you well for the season ahead. In Canada, winter lasts longer than any other season and when it comes to surviving it with a smile, you’re better off embracing cold weather opportunities rather than simply toughing it out until summer returns. Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is with a Blue Mountain Season Pass. Today, it’s easier than ever to choose and purchase your Season Pass at the Early Bird Rate. In fact, we’ve devoted an entire website to the process! If you’re struggling to decide between a Night Value, 5×7® or a Super Pass, you’ll love being able to compare the perks and privileges of each with a few simple clicks.

Beyond helping you decide which pass to pick, our new site offers a HUGE prize to those card carrying members of the Winter Warrior tribe. Upon entering our contest, you’ll be eligible to win a Warrior-Sized Winter complete with prizes valued at over $5000 (see, we weren’t kidding when we said HUGE)! Let’s do the math on those prizes for a second, shall we? Our winning warrior will receive a $1000 Blue Mountain Gift Card, 4 Super Passes to be awarded to the Winter Warriors of your choice, and three 2 night stays so you can visit Blue all winter long! Before you dismiss your odds of winning as one in a million, we’d like to share a little secret with you: just by purchasing your pass, you’ll receive 50 entries into the contest! AND if you recruit other Winter Warriors to buy their pass using your own unique link (received when you buy your pass, of course), you’ll get an additional 5 entries for each Warrior recruit up to a maximum of 25 entries. So, what we’re saying is that if you do both of these things (buy a pass AND recruit your friends) you can have up to 75 entries under your name. That’s a heck of a lot better than one, wouldn’t you say?

If you haven’t clicked away from this post and onto our Season Pass Page by now, we applaud your dedication to this article and would like to respectfully ask, what are you waiting for?! Winter comes quick around here…join the ranks and become a Winter Warrior today. See you on the slopes!

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